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TwentyXpro was designed for individuals by experts, to learn the strategies of start a successful business online.

TwentyXpro is probably the most dynamic home-based business today, starting with almost no out of pocket expense, a one-time €20. TwentyXpro is essentially a digital marketing course series with the potential of owning a gold bar.

You make additional income with TwentyXpro through commissions on sales from introduced members that are interested in buying the courses of learning how to leverage the internet business. So, hand in hand, gold & education combined with home business and residual income, are the perfect fit for today’s entrepreneur.

In order for its members to make a substantial residual income, the dynamic commission plan is designed for unlimited income, the perfect touch to a lucrative supply and demand business.

To join TwentyXpro you must be introduced by an existing member. TwentyXpro is strictly by invitation only. You will be invited to create a TwentyXpro account and your TwentyXpro business is automatically opened at the same time.

We think you will figure that out yourself. We realize for someone to be successful in today’s opportunity programs, the company must provide an easy, nearly fail-proof way for its members to earn enough income to pay for it and at the same time require no experience to achieve that goal.

We have done exactly that by creating this super easy program. The cost of admission into TwentyXpro is FREE, however, to get the 1st course and to be placed in the program while earning an income, you need to pay a one-time out of pocket fee of €20.

TwentyXpro was designed for individuals by experts, to learn the strategies of start a successful business online.

TwentyXpro offers different courses at several different levels, from education, marketing, sales, human resources, SEO and finally being able to obtain your own Gold Bar by climbing the levels of success to obtain your financial independence.

Everyone can participate at a level that meets their financial needs.

With our trainings, you will get massive exposure through the social media, which results in having constant leads looking at your offer, and sales, without even using a single paid advertisement.

TwentyXpro answers the common struggles by empowering people to increase their potential and finding ways to professional success and time freedom.

Our Mission is to enable individuals to earn a supplemental income that can help them reach their financial goals and achieve their life-dreams, to build a successful business.

We do this by helping them achieve their goals and lead better lives through a combination of an entrepreneurial business opportunity with life-enhancing products.

Our VISION is to be the global leader within the direct selling industry, leveraging this position so as to be a positive influencer in the development of sustainable and professional network marketing communities around the world.

Work with truly exceptional people who will value your talents and inspire your achievements. We offer competitive family-friendly benefits and an innovative, people-focused culture.

TwentyXpro was created to offer an affordable way for people to learn all the skills to dominate the social media, and generally get a big exposure online.

The Courses are created giving a 100% Commissions back to its members. Each member has the responsibility to manage their taxes from the profits of this course.

Yes, TwentyXpro is a project created by the Educational Company Interconnectica Ltd.

Dominate Your Niche using the power of Social Media, Google and Viral Marketing in order to build an Audience that will love your brand. Our unique Courses will show you exactly how to dominate your niche and use attraction marketing strategies to constantly attract customers to your offers, while building big networks and owning gold.

Starting with the Social Media Marketing Courses, you will start seeing immediate results that will explode your engagements, followers, friend requests, and hungry prospects in a way that you will look like a big authority in your niche.

You will also learn the secrets of Sales Skills, Human Resources, Viral Marketing, SEO, and Millionaire’s Breakthrough. With those skills, you will draw so much interest as well as developing a comfort level and relationship with your prospects that they will be eager to collaborate with you or buy your services/products.

Through TwentyXpro, you can start developing a substantial income and at the same time, you will be able to own your own Pure Gold Bar.

Precious metals have a long history as a hedge against inflation. That track record has added importance now as several economists and monetary specialists predict major financial upheaval. These changes will impact individual nations and the lives of citizens worldwide, affecting the prices we pay for nearly all goods and services.

Many economists and financial specialists predict significant economic changes. These changes will tremendously affect different nations and the lives of citizens everywhere. If the US Dollar loses the position as the world's standard currency, then the money supply will lose its value, as well.

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TwentyXpro believes that the act of sharing needs to be the basis for all of us to expand our business.

For one to achieve success with their given opportunity or business, the business model must allow individuals to earn an income without much-efforts. That's why, we have created TwentyXpro, a super easy program that can provide a significant income all by itself.

To join TwentyXpro is FREE, but to unlock the ability to learn one-by-one the courses as well as starting to earn an income, one must spend a one-time fee of €20.

TwentyXpro offers "No Refund". This is because, the moment you register and pay for any course, you immediately have the ability to download the course and save it in your computer, which means that it's not possible to ask for a refund. If you do not agree with the reason of why we are not offering a refund, please do not join this program.

That’s right, a one-time twenty euros could certainly be worth a price ten times or even 100 times more, if you simply share this program with people you care about, your income could go to the roof. For everybody you do share TwentyXpro with, you add an additional substantial potential income. Just ask yourself, “who wouldn’t be willing to pay €20 to learn and have a huge income opportunity as easy as this one!”

You will get the knowledge, by studying our courses, of how to get massive exposure through the social media, and internet marketing startegies, which results in having constant leads looking at your offer, and sales, without even using a single paid ad. Other Companies out there charge hundreds of euros for that knowledge!

If you do absolutely nothing, not even studying the Course, then you can study at any time, since it’s just €20 one time!

€20 is the minimum cost of having your lunch, or buying a t-shirt, or renting a bicycle, or having a haircut, etc.

The choice is yours. You can decide to eat a Meal or you can decide to invest this Meal for starting a Business and getting the knowledge from the courses.

If you are an Entrepreneur in the Online Marketing Industry and looking for an Opportunity that can give you financial freedom, then you are in the right place. We are here to help you. TwentyXpro is probably the fastest growing Business Opportunity in the world.

Join our community and you will get all the help from us to start. If you are serious about this opportunity then we are always by your side.